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Today morning I turn on my laptop and tried to run a Node JS app for development. Then suddenly I got the following error in the console.

Uncaught exception listen EACCES: permission denied

I tried to open currports and checked what process is using that port exactly. Surprisingly the port 8848 isn’t using by any process. It’s free, but Windows won’t allow me to use that port for some reason!

I searched all over the internet and found the following command! Finally, that’s what happens to that port! It seems that port 8848 is excluded, even though it is…

Have you ever noticed the green color “verified” badge in front of the commits that you have created on GitHub, such as pull requests merge commits? It is a indication of signed commits. By signing commits you can prove that the commit is came from you and wasn’t altered while transferring it.

You can configure your local development environment to sign all of your commits, and here is how. Please note that following steps are specific for Windows environment and you can do the same with Linux environment with similar tools.

Check for existing GPG keys

Open Git Bash and check for existing GPG keys…

Yes, I accidentally deleted var/log/syslog file in a production server! And then I thought the server will recreate it automatically and start logging again. But it didn’t!

Then I tried to recreate the file manually with the following command and start watching. but still, it doesn’t log a single line!

touch /var/log/syslog

Maybe the problem is with rsyslog service. Let’s restart it.

sudo service rsyslog restart

Guess what? It does nothing. Then I tried to restart the entire server — as everyone does. But no luck! Nothing gets logged!

Sounds familiar? Here is the solution! Just remove the var/log/syslog file and restart the rsyslog service. Do NOT create syslog file manually. Let the system recreate it.

Next time when you want to clear the syslog and get some space free, use the following command rather than deleting it.

truncate -s 0 /var/log/syslog

Have you ever get an error message similar to this when you try to start your server in a Windows environment?

Web server failed to start. Port 8080 was already in use.

This means there is already a process running in the background that has occupied 8080 port. Now you want to kill that stupid process! Isn’t it? So you just check the Task Manager but immediately find out that there is no port information available there.

Keep Reading. This is for you! It’s possible to find out which process is occupying a specific port, even in a Windows environment…


Chathura Buddhika ~ Java-Developer & Graphic-Designer

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